05 August 2007

AFCCA Posts 33 Opinions

This past week, the AFCCA posted to its website 33 cases it had issued in the previous 3 weeks. Why do they hold the cases for 3 weeks before posting them. Is the staff that busy that they can't be posted once a week?

Of the 33 cases, 2 are published decisions that have already been discussed in CAAFlog. Of the remaining 31 opinions, 14 are merits cases. Of the 17 remaining unpublished decisions, only a few are worth commenting on, which I will do in the next couple of posts.

Be forewarned. The AFCCA opinions now include the signature of the court clerk and the seal of the court. This means they take considerably longer to download, and it is difficult to use the text tool to copy sections of the opinion.

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Fitzcarraldo said...

I think the summer PCS season has a lot to do with the amount of time that it took to post the opinions on-line. A new Chief Commissioner took over in the last week of July, and they've shuffled some of the enlisted and civilian personnel, as well.