06 September 2007

Air Force Posts Cases

The Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals posted 26 cases on its web site--8 of the cases are merits, the rest unpublished. The cases were issued between 20-31 August.

There is nothing of much substance in any of these cases. Most are per curiam, even if 4 or 5 pages in length.

You will find the cases here.


bill said...

Six or so opinions dealing with single spec drug hots, mimimal jail and a BCD. I shudder to think how much the USAF spent on processing these cases. Most services just chapter these guys out.

Sacramentum said...

My Air Force friend(s) tried to convince me that they get more deterrent bang this way. I always thought it was difficult to tell whether it worked or not. I'm not sure you can really compare the services. The recruiting needs seem so different because of the vastly different missions, although the Navy and Air Force are not assigned convoy duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where would you draw the line? I understood that chaptering out for drug hots was a result of the difficulty in trying those cases. It seems that most of these AF cases are guilty pleas.

From reading these cases, it is not clear if the AF takes all drug cases to trial or what is the standard, if there is one. Perhaps are AF readers can enlighten us. What about it Judge Mathews?

Sacramentum said...

Of course what I meant to say was the Navy and the Air Force are NOW assigned to convoy duty.