12 July 2007

Abu Ghraib Trial

The New York Times is reporting that Army Judge Stephen Hendley denied a defense motion to dismiss all charges against LTC Steven Jordan, the only officer charged as a result of the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. LTC Jordan, who was the director of the prison interrogation center, is not charged with personally abusing any prisoners. Defense attorneys had requested the dismissal asserting that "Maj. Gen. Guy Swann, then commander of the Military District of Washington, exerted ''unlawful command influence'' over the decision to pursue a court martial rather than resolve the case administratively."

The judge also denied defense motions for (1) a new Article 32 investigation, and (2) to suppress statements LTC Jordan is alleged to have made to Maj. Gen. George Fay, who investigated the Abu Ghraib abuses.

The article reports the trial is now scheduled for 20 August.

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