20 July 2007

Court of Military Commission Review

While not the subject of this blog, those interested in the Military Commissions should review the latest on the appeal by the Government of the dismissal of charges against one of the Guantanamo detainees.

You can find it at SCOTUS Blog. The panel assigned to review the case consists of appellate judges from the courts of criminal appeals.


H Lime said...

It's very interesting. NMCCA junkies, unaware, will find that NMCCA's own Chief Judge Rolph is also Acting Chief Judge of the Court of Military Commissions Review. Couldn't have picked a finer judge.


CAAFlog said...

But the immediate question is WHO couldn't have picked a finer judge. :-)

H Lime said...

Indeed. There also, of course, is the semi-related issue of the new CIA executive order, which fulfills obligations under the MCA. The EO, perhaps unsurprisingly, appears to reiterate that POTUS' 2002 declaration continues, in POTUS' eyes, to mean that Al Qaida, Taliban, "and associated forces," rate no GC protections, period. That appears to me to be what CAPT Allred found to not be the case at the Commissions.

Does anyone (CAAFlog or other) know if Hamdan was/will be appealed to the CMCR?