31 July 2007

Colonel Murphy 3

The CAAF Daily Journal for Monday, 30 July reports that the Court denied Colonel Murphy's request for a stay of proceedings and an extraordinary writ.

We still have no official information on the nature of the writ. Under the CAAF's rules, we would have expected the petition for extraordinary writ was first submitted to the AFCCA. The AFCCA website has not posted a decision in the Murphy case. In fact, it hasn't posted any cases on its website since 17 July. If it did issue an opinion, it should have been issued before 17 July, because Colonel Murphy petitioned the CAAF on 18 July.

Air Force sources have suggested that Colonel Murphy did petition the AFCCA before CAAF and that the AFCCA issued an opinion, not just a summary denial. These same sources claim that the petition asked the courts to disqualify the investigating officer and to prohibit any Air Force JAG from conducting the Article 32. No further details are available at this time.

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